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The Victoria Community Resources Society

We envision a world in which we are all recognized and valued for who we are.

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Our Roots

The philosophy of The Victoria Community Resources Society is to provide high quality care and service to the people we serve. When assessing the quality of life of people with disabilities, we believe all people, with or without disabilities, share the human experience together and that every human being is entitled to live a good life within their community. In other words, we look at care and services as “we” value them. Putting ourselves in the places of the person served, or even better, put

the residents in our shoes - If something would be important to us then it could be important to the folks we serve.

We want the people we serve to be able to do things in the community as much as every other person. We strive to overcome obstacles whether  physical or attitudinal to assist the people we serve to have the best experiences possible. Quality of life comes from, choice, self-determination and inclusion and at The Victoria Community Resources Society we strive to assist individuals to enjoy life to the fullest by honoring their choices, preferences and lifestyles. 

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Our Services

Whatever you want to do, we're there to help

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Residential Services

The Victoria Community Resources Society provides service to nine individuals within two residential sites that are co-located called Twin Oaks. The atmosphere at Twin Oaks is driven by the residents and our team works to enhance the culture of the homes by being flexible, thoughtful and by leading with our hearts.  The homes are full of fun and good humor but also provide a high quality of care. Led by our Registered Nurse Care Manager, our team of Registered Nurses and experienced Community Support Workers deliver quality care and have fun doing it!

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Community Inclusion

Community access is the programs and activities that individuals participate in beyond the daily routine of home life. Individual values, interests, and choices shape community access and determine activities.  Dustin chooses to work at Costco in Langford to earn some extra spending money!

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At The Victoria Community Resources Society, we practice lateral leadership -  we are directed by the folks we serve.  We recognize we can provide the best service through our willingness to listen to self-advocates and stake holders; the VCRS board has several family members serving as directors which keeps us connected to the needs and goals of the people we serve.  In the picture to the right, Richard, the Resident Liaison, has taken over for the Care Manager while she is on vacation.

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“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Maya Angelou

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Covid-19 Response

Safety Plan

The Victoria Community Resources Society is committed to ensuring the safety of persons served and the team members who deliver service. To learn more about VCRS' Health and Safety Plan follow the link below. If you have questions, we encourage you to contact us using the contact form at the bottom of the page.

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Contact The Victoria Community Resources Society

1216 Royal Oak Drive
Victoria BC,  V8X 3T8

250 658 4931

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